Sunday, 6 November 2011

Edmund - Edmundo

I don't know him yet :-)

Zatím ho neznám...

Todavía no le conozco :-)


Marilyn said...

I have loved meeting all of your new characters/people -
love the Star Picker
and love...
also the twins, but I couldn't find 10 differences - I found their hair, the direction they are facing, the colour of their clothes and the buttons, pockets on one the blue outfit has a collar, colour of their boots ....hmmm, not 10!

This character looks as though is he a quiet observer of life, as though he doesn't participate in activities of others but stands back and watches, and as though he is slightly puzzled by all he sees ;-)

Pulpo said...

Welcome back and thanks for your comment! I don't know how many differences I really drew by the twins but I found two more: the red guy has got 6 teeth and the blue one only 5 and their eyes have different colours...well and the shoes not only have different colours, but they should be of different styles: cowboy shoes vs. wellingtons :-) But it was only a try :-)
By the way you posted really wonderful photos on your blog! They tempt me to see all the beautiful places with my own eyes. Maybe one day... ;-)